Joyful Anticipation

Only 12 weeks to go. We are so excited about meeting Mia. Her little room is almost ready. But today something feels different: a dragging, stinging sensation in my stomach. Then it happens…


Suddenly I feel a strong pain inside me. I scream and collapse to the floor. My waters have broken. It’s so painful. Tom tries to calm me down but I have to go straight to hospital.

Much too early...

Mia has been born – much too early. She needs artificial respiration, is fed through a tube and attached to monitors. She will need to stay in hospital for a long time. I can only touch her tiny body in the incubator through the two openings. The fear that she may not survive breaks our hearts.

Between Hope and Fear

Nobody knows how Mia will develop. She still needs help with her breathing. We have read that premature babies can have problems later in life. But when she lies on my chest and I stroke her gently I can feel her enduring will to live. 

A sigh of relief

Mia is growing and developing really well. She is examined regularly and finally we get the news we have been waiting for. We will soon be allowed to take her home. But we are anxious about the prospect of being on our own with Mia for the first time. We hope we can manage!

Good Advice

The doctor is familiar with these concerns. As we leave she tells us about the national association “Das frühgeborene Kind“. They can provide us with reliable answers to all of our questions. There is even a hotline for parents of premature babies.

Not Alone

We made it! At last we are home. Yesterday we ordered the “Welcome Home” and “Suddenly Parents” brochures. The wide range of support offered by the Association provides us with a reassuring sense of security. Now we can look to the future with confidence. 

The 17th November is

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